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Criminal Lawyer 

Criminal defense lawyers are essential to defend you in the court. Since you do not have skills, 
knowledge and experience to represent you, seeking the help of criminal lawyer is vital. 

Remember, the criminal law is not simple, there have been changes and new developments, 
which are you are not aware of. What is more, you are not familiar with how the court 
proceedings go on. So, it is always advisable to hire an experienced defense lawyer, when faced 
with criminal offences such as murder, theft, robbery, assault, drink driving, driving without 
license, drug charges or other offences. A good attorney would provide you with effective court 
representation and expert advice to help you. 

Major Duties of Criminal Lawyers 

A criminal defense lawyer is the qualified person who has studied the criminal law, practiced it 
under an experience attorney and have handled many cases of this nature. He is aware of what to 
do or how to solve a particular legal dispute. Since he is specialized in this complex branch of 
law, he has special expertise and skills to deal with cases, which have to do with criminal law 
courts. He provides effective legal representation and consultation in various types of criminal 
cases. Here we mention key duties: 

He gathers all information, research, understands the case properly and puts forward its negative 
and positive aspects in front of clients. He tells how to proceed in a case. 

A criminal defense attorney looks into all aspects of a crime. In some cases, he also hires 
investigators for collecting evidences, which will prove his clients innocent. 
Criminal lawyers also play an important role of protecting our rights. They liaison with the 
police, negotiate with court personal and prepare bail application to avoid heavy fine, jail 
punishment, court warrants, police arrest, suspension of license in drink driving cases, etc. 
Defense attorney makes most of the court appearances for his clients and handles all court 
proceedings, thus providing his clients time for important task at home or in office. 
He makes clients aware of the possible punishments or consequences for their crimes. He also 
explains his methods and policies to help clients win a particular criminal case. 
Criminal defence lawyers deal with criminal charges like impaired driving, drink driving, driving 
dangerous driving, driving without license, theft, fraud, shoplifting, communicating for the 
purpose of prostitution, drug charges, assault cases, women trafficking, murder etc. 
He drafts legal documents, applications or prepares arguments to represent you in the court. 
He understands the case and tell his clients the costs and fees to be charges for legal services and 
expert advice by him 

Thus, the criminal lawyers play an important role of defending his clients charged with any of 

the criminal charges. Many lawyers are available to assist you, but not all of them are reliable. 


Internet websites for finding out a good criminal attorney for criminal case defense in the court 

of law. Go through all these sites to make a good decision regarding the selection of a criminal